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Art for every audience

The Oklahoma Modern Music Collective is dedicated to bringing high-quality and accessible performances to communities throughout the Great Plains region. Oklahoma is a growing artistic hub, and the OKMMC is driven to bring the joy of new music to audiences - regardless of previous experience with art music. 

Meet our Board

Jamie Wind Whitmarsh, President

Dr. Tommy Dobbs, Vice President

Charlotte Dumesnil, Treasurer

Dr. Lisa Kachouee, Secretary

Kevin Taylor, Board Member

Tawna Mitchell, Board Member

Sarah Neely, Board Member

OKMMC Seasons

Seasons are artistic snapshots -

concentrated across a few weeks  (for example, Summer 2019). 

The organization produces multiple seasons each calendar year, allowing for a great variety of programming themes and performance outlets.



Audiences are able to familiarize themselves with the program ahead of time, in a pre-concert presentation and discussion of the repertoire to be performed. For those wanting to dive deeper into how music is constructed, educational materials are provided in the form of sheets/pamphlets with: definitions of musical terminology, visual diagrams of works performed on the concert, interviews with the composers, and more. 


OKMMC Mainstage concerts are around an hour long, and are always free.


After each concert, performers and audience members are encouraged to mingle and form long-lasting relationships at an informal reception. 

OKMMC Ensembles

OKMMC is comprised of multiple ensembles that each serve to provide a different window to modern music.

OKMMC Events - Past, Present, and Future

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